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Librarians provide research assistance via a variety of services. Finding your Subject Specialist can help both student and teacher.

Reference/Instruction Librarians: Office hours

Fall and Spring semester office hours are posted here. Librarians will be available either with specific 'available' times or via the other methods. The "Meet with a Librarian" form is a 1 to 1 meeting, either in-person or online; e.g Zoom. Librarians normally do not post specific office hours during Summer.

Contact specific librarians via email or phone links on each of our Research Guides [LibGuide] or use the Meet with a Librarian Online form to request an appointment. During Fall and Spring semesters, use the Meet form to request appointments outside of scheduled office hours.

Find your librarian

[who covers what academic department or subject]

Office Hours and Locations: Shelley Arvin

Biology; Chemistry & Physics; Genetic Counseling; Nursing; Applied Health Sciences; Applied Medicine & Rehabilitation; Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport

WEDNESDAYS in Health Building,
Student Lounge A-137 @ 10 AM.
FRIDAYS in Science Building,
2nd Floor Lookout (southwest corner) from 1-3 PM.
Other appointments as arranged.


Arvin's Office is Library Room 113 [inner hallway]
Office Phone 812-237-2605 

Contact me for help. I will work with you to find the way to best help you. Options will consider appropriate agreeable and safe communication and location solutions for you. Email is a good way to contact me.

Office Hours and Locations: Edith Campbell


Teaching and Learning; Educational Leadership; Applied Clinical and Educational Services; History; Economics; Accounting; Business Administration; Finance; HRD; Insurance & Risk Management; Marketing; Operations & Supply Chain Management

Available as needed during regular hibrary hours. You are encouraged to schedule appointments.



College of Education

Library Office: 115 [inner hallway]

Office Hours and Locations: Stephen Patton

Technology, Math and Computer Science.

Office Hours and Locations: Cheryl Blevens

Distance Learning; English; Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics;  Art, Music, & Theater

My office hours are:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00 pm at the Library's Reference Desk.
  • I also encourage appointments by either emailing me at or by telephoning me at 812-237-8986 (cell: 812-249-2351).                

My office - Room 104 - is located in an small alcove located midway along the wall of DVDs in the north side area of the library's Main Floor.

Office Hours and Locations: Karen Evans

School of Criminology and Security Studies;  Psychology

Contact me to set up an appointment via Zoom.

My email is

My phone is 812-237-8824

Please e-mail me for research assistance or questions concerning criminal justice, security studies, or psychology.


Crime Scene Do Not Cross Barricade Tape 3 X 100 • Bright Yellow with a Bold Black Print • 3 in. Wide for Maximum Readabili...


Office Hours and Locations: Marsha Miller

Multidisciplinary Studies (Gender Studies; International Studies; Philosophy; Sociology)


Office hours: I am usually on campus Mondays - Thursdays, 8am - 12:30pm and 2pm - 4:30pm. Students can request consultations outside of this time frame, including evening Zooms and we can negotiate the appointment.
FYI: Fall 2023 is my last semester at ISU.