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Construction Management: Interlibrary Loan

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Interlibrary Loan Department
Cunningham Memorial Library
Phone 812.237.2566
Fax 812.237.2567

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan Department provides document delivery and interlibrary loan to distance education students. Interlibrary Loan will process these requests through a system called ILLiad.

First time users must register in the ILLiad system. A valid ISU ID card is required. Do this early before you actually need resources. ILL cannot process your requests until you obtain an ISU ID card.


About Interlibrary Loan

For items unavailable at the ISU library, students may request that the items be borrowed from another library through the interlibrary loan service.


Certain items such as reference books, fragile books, popular fiction, movies, audio CDs and recent computer application manuals are very difficult to obtain. The Library will not borrow textbooks required for ISU classes.

The Library pays for the costs of interlibrary loan. For this reason, first please check the library online catalog and the E-journals/E-newspapers link available from the library homepage to determine if ISU has a link to a full text source. The Library will not send an item students already can access online. The only charge students will incur for this service is postage on the items when they mail them back to the ISU Library. For the best service, we recommend no more than ten ILL requests per week. If you have a large number of requests, submit the requests in batches, with items marked in order of priority.

Please allow at least 14-18 working days for materials to arrive. Physical items will be mailed to distance education students. Journal articles may arrive faster. Journal articles will be scanned and may be accessed online from your ILLiad account.  You will be notified by e-mail when articles are ready to view or when your item is mailed. ILL materials may be renewed through ILLiad, if allowed by the lending library.

Document Delivery

Document delivery services will deliver items owned by ISU Library to the distance learning student via mail or e-mail. Undergraduate students may check out most items for 21 days. Graduate students may check out most items for 120 days. Items eligible for renewal may be renewed a maximum of three times. Renewals may be requested online. Order document delivery items via the ILLiad system.