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Library Accessibility Information

Library Accessibility Information

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Who Qualifies for Library Accomodation

Who is Qualified for Library Accommodations?

  • Patrons with readily perceived disabilities, those which are readily seen such as a person who uses a wheelchair, crutches, etc., will automatically be given appropriate accommodations.
  • Affiliated patrons whose disabilities cannot be readily perceived must be registered with the appropriate unit:
    • Students with the Student Support Services/Disabled Student Services.
    • Faculty/Staff with the Affirmative Action Office (Their Deans Office can assist them with this).
  • Unaffiliated patrons whose disabilities cannot be readily perceived must be able to document to the Affirmative Action Office that they qualify for accommodations.
  • Temporary conditions such as a broken leg will be given appropriate services for the duration of the condition.


Library Rehabilitation Act & A D A Accommodations Policy

Cunningham Memorial Library will implement and maintain appropriate accommodations and assistive technology equipment in order to facilitate access to library materials while encouraging patrons to become as independent and self-reliant as possible.  The services provided will be consistent with the Americans with Disability Act, other state/federal regulations pertaining to persons with disabilities, Indiana State University's policies, and the American Library Association ADA Policy.

  • Collaborative, group, and individual study areas are offered as well as group study rooms

  • One study area is dedicated to adaptive technology, which includes a Braille display

  • A reading machine

  • A special individual monitor for people with retinal degenerative diseases

  • A head tracker

  • A multi-colored QWERTY layout with keys four times larger than usual

  • A voice-to-text program

  • Software to help people who struggle with reading

  • One computer also has ZoomText capabilities that enlarges print and screen and reads aloud for the visually challenged

Please stop by the Circulation Desk on the main floor for access to this adaptive technology.

If you need assistance with ADA accommodations, please call the Library Administrative Office at 812-237-3700 during regular Monday through Friday business hours.

Student Responsibility

Student Responsibility

  • Obtain documentation and pay for cost of evaluation and documentation.
  • Self-identify to the Student Academic Services Center.
  • Communicate what his/her disability is:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Functional limits
  • Identify and document the vality of requested accommodations.
  • Meet with Library A D A Compliance Coordinator to verify specific accommodations   requested.