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About: Reorganization Documents

Find general information about the Cunningham Memorial Library. Find a librarian, diversity, equity, and inclusion information, etc


LFA Reorganization Documents and Votes Approved September 29, 2023.

All Library Faculty Vote recorded October 11, 2023. (7 voted, 8 viewed)

LFA 2023-24-03 Files Sept 29 - Following LFA Vote. ALL FACULTY VOTE

Vote for Choice of College to Approach with MOU

  • Bayh College of Education  6
  • College of Arts & Sciences  1
  • ABSTAIN                              0

Provost Proposal #4

Library Staff Proposal #5

Library Staff met on Sept. 8, 2023. They suggested changes and voted on the Organizational Chart proposed by Provost Olsen. 

Dean's Taskforce Documents #1

Proposal #2

Proposal #3