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About: Collection Development Personnel

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Collection Development Personnel

Collection Development Personnel

Evans, Karen

Communication; Multidisciplinary Studies; Political Science; Psychology;
School of Criminology and Security Studies;
Social Work

Phone: (812) 237-8824
Taylor, Debra Cataloging Staff Phone: (812) 237-4601
Black, Katherine Circulation Staff Phone: (812) 237-2873
Arvin, Shelley

Applied Health Sciences; Applied Medicine and Rehab;
Biology; Chemistry; Genetic Counseling; Kinesiology,
Recreation, and Sport; Nursing; Physics

Phone: (812) 237-2605
Blevens, Cheryl

Art; Browsing Books/Magazines; Distance Learning; English;
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (LLL); Music; Theatre

Phone: (812) 237-8986
Burt, Christi Administration Office Phone: (812) 237-2564
Campbell, Edith

Bayh College of Education; Economics; History; Motorsports; Scott College of Business; Teaching Materials Collection;

Phone: (812) 237-2058
Patton, Stephen Technology; Math and Computer Science Phone: (812) 237-3180
Gustafson, Melissa

Government Publications ;
Earth and Environmental Systems (EES)

Phone: (812) 237-2057
Robinson, Debra Processing Staff Phone: (812) 237-2572
Pearman, Christina Circulation Staff Phone: (812) 237-