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Library Faculty Affairs Committee (LFAC)

Library Faculty Affairs Committee (LFAC) 2023-2024

  • Edi Campbell - Chair (1st term, 1st yr) 
  • Cheryl Blevens - Secretary (1st term, 1st yr) 
  • Shelley Arvin (1st term, 2nd yr)
  • Melissa Gustafson (2nd term, 1st yr)
  • Stephen Patton -  (1st term, 2nd yr)


  • Dean Robin Crumrin

No more than five (5) faculty, at least one shall be a member of the Library Faculty Assembly, and half of which are tenured, and one (1) administrator.


LFAC Areas of Advisory Responsibility


200.2. Areas of Advisory Responsibility.

The Faculty Affairs Committee will formulate policies and procedures pertaining to the Library Faculty, particularly in these areas:

  1. Appointment, retention, pre-tenure performance review, tenure, and posttenure performance review.
  2. Promotion.
  3. Leaves of absence.
  4. Freedom of expression and academic freedom.
  5. Faculty conduct and discipline.
  6. Professional ethics.
  7. Professional growth, travel, and meetings.
  8. Encouraging the development of research, recommend library research policies, study methods of making sources of research funds available, and facilitate research on library problems.