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About: Deselection and Storage of Materials

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Deselection of Library Materials


Due to limited library shelving, Collection Development reviews monographs and periodicals for deselection as one of its top priorities.


The general factors considered for the deselection of monographs are:

  • Little-used duplicate copies
  • Superseded editions
  • Outdated materials
  • Old foreign-language materials never circulated
  • Poor condition, beyond repair
  • Availability nationally and within the state


The general factors considered for deselection of periodicals are:

  • Age of the materials by broad subject area:
  • Science: Older than 15 years
  • Social Science: Older than 25 years
  • Humanities: Older than 35 years
  • Lack of use
  • Older ceased/cancelled titles held in other Indiana state-supported institutions
  • Periodicals that are not indexed or abstracted
  • Microform duplication in the collection. (Mostly text with few illustrations, e.g. charts, photos, etc.)
  • Poor condition
  • Availability nationally and within the state



The University Libraries store little-used materials. Items requested are available for use by completing a request form at the Circulation Desk or by filling out the online form. Retrieval service is guaranteed within 24 hours daily except Saturday and Sunday.

The primary guideline for transferring materials to storage is a history of little use.
Additional criteria are:

Monographic Sets

  • Of marginal programmatic value (considering the subject, scholarship, and the need for historical information on the topic)


  • Back volumes
  • Of marginal programmatic value
  • Seldom-used