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About: Proposed Withdrawals

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Proposed Withdrawals

Proposed Withdrawals: Indiana State University Library

Since library collections serve all the university, we invite teaching faculty to provide us with input. Twice each fall and spring semester, the library will post the titles of items that are under consideration for withdrawal, or cancellation. Comments should be sent directly to your library liaison. We have to make difficult decisions on retention and consider your comments in doing so.


Each library subject liaison has weekly office hours scheduled for drop-in questions. You can also email your subject specialist (links below) or use the Schedule a Librarian form to request an appointment.

Subject Liaisons

Arvin, Shelley

Applied Health Sciences; Applied Medicine and Rehab; Biology; Chemistry; Genetic Counseling; Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport; Nursing; Physics

Phone: (812) 237-2605

Blevens, Cheryl

Art; Browsing Books/Magazines; Distance Learning; English; Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (LLL); Music; Theatre

Phone: (812) 237-8986

Campbell, Edith

Bayh College of Education; College of Business, Economics; History; Motorsports, Teaching Materials Collection

Phone: (812) 237-2058

Evans, Karen

Communication; Multidisciplinary Studies; Political Science; Psychology; School of Criminology and Security Studies; Social Work;

Phone: (812) 237-8824

Gustafson, Melissa

Earth and Environmental Systems (EES); Government Publications;

Phone: (812) 237-2057

Patton, Stephen

Math and Computer Science; Technology;

Phone: (812) 237-3180