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Astronomy: Literature Distribution Timetable


GREY LITERATURE? OR PRIMARY LITERATURE? research being conducted invisible college
seminar within researcher's organization
written progress report to funding agency
electronic newsgroup
discussion list
conference lecture
laboratory notebook
research completed rapid communication journals (short report)
letters journals (short report)
news journals (short report, weekly)
technical report
personal Web site (if before formal publication)
books (old old old stuff OR stuff that couldn't get published in a journal)

PRIMARY LITERATURE                                                                                             

publication process (year) article (or series) in conference proceedings [usu. book, primary journal, govt pub) Often only editor reviews, sometimes sooner than journal article
article (or series) in scientific journals
dissertation or thesis (libraries often don't carry, many indexed in Dissertation Abstracts or other)
patent (libraries often don't carry, many indexed in Chem Abstracts or other)
final report to funding agency (libraries often don't carry, many indexed in Chem Abstracts or other)
SECONDARY LITERATURE 0-1 month from primary lit. current awareness services (or journals)
0-9 months from primary lit. indexing service or journal
standard interest profiles
SDI (selective dissemination of information)
3-9 months from primary lit. abstracting service or journal
1-3 years from primary lit. review (serial) - summary of topic, less detail, 1-2 years later (Advances in..., Progress in..., Review) within conference proceedings or special of primary journal
2-5 years from primary lit. monographs  - one author writes chapters on new topics in science, strong editorial control, broader scope than monograph or multigraph, requires knowledge of discipline
treatise - multi volume; logical, classified order; covers entire subject field, requires knowledge of discipline
multigraphs (managed texts, composite works, multi-authored books) - experts write chapters on new topics in science, strong editorial control, requires knowledge of discipline
data compilation - data, numbers, & equations
? symposium talk which summarizes a field
SECONDARY? OR TERTIARY? 2-5 years from primary lit. encyclopedia - few references, broad but less detail 
handbook - data, numbers, & equations
 ? bibliographies
citation indexes
atlases, scientific
biographical sources
TERTIARY LITERATURE  7-10 years works that are designed to teach you how to use primary and secondary works
guides to the literature
lists of periodicals
buyers guides
biographical sources
 ? compendia
full-text computer databases
review articles, sometimes
popular literature
library catalogs

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