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Inter-library Loan

Use Inter-Library Loan (ILL) to obtain materials ISU does not own.  ILL is a free service and can be used to request books, articles, or other materials for academic work.  You must be affiliated with ISU to use the inter-library loan service.  If you need to use ILL, PLAN AHEAD.  It takes time to locate and obtain the materials from other libraries

General Information

This Libguide provides information on a variety of resources for Criminology and Criminal Justice students. Use the TABS at the top of the site to click on information about a topic.  This site provides a sample of the resources available to you.

Remember the guide was created as a tool to assist you with your research; you are responsible for locating additional resources on your topic.  If your topic involves two subjects (juveniles and court), be sure to look at both topics.

Check the additional library guides for Criminology and Criminal Justice to assist you with finding resources for your research.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with the School of Criminology and Security Studies Librarian, click on the e-mail under Subject Guide (look right).



Tips on Searching for Sources in the Library Catalog

Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks.  An example is "suicide by cop"

When searching multiple words, the system includes the "and" between each word, multiple words will occur somewhere in the retrieved records, though not necessarily in the order entered. An example is university science department/university and science and department.  Both entries will produce the same results.

The asterisk can be used to match up to five letters in a word.  A search using inter* will produce records for internal or internet--because they match the five letter limit.  It would not match international because international is more than five letters after the asterisk.

Using the asterisk within a word is helpful for different spellings. For example, colo*r will return results with color and colour.

Use  AND or OR to specify multiple words in your search.  Use AND NOT to exclude words.  This is available on the Advanced Search Form.  An example is capital punishment AND NOT death penalty.

If you have any questions, please contact the Criminal Justice librarian.