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Behind the Headlines

Behind the Headlines is a regular column from Nursing Choices which critically explains the research behind actual science news articles published in British newspapers. 

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Writing a Literature Review for Undergraduate Science Majors

The primary purpose of a literature review is to give the reader context for your research question and to demonstrate how it is connected to the larger body of knowledge in the disciplines. You are providing an overview of a topic or background information on a topic.

The research to create your literature review will likely continue throughout your entire research project. Your research will help you get started on your project but will also stop there. As you learn from your research, you will be able to better focus your research project and theories but new knowledge is published all the time. It takes continual monitoring to stay abreast of it.

The Elements of Library Research: Detective Work

Retraction Watch

Retraction Watch is a blog which tracks "retractions" of publications which have been found to have mistakes, misleading inappropriate conduct, or other issues. One can learn about the scientific process by learning about when it fails.

Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process


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