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Borrowing Programs: ALI

Library programs that involve the ability to borrow from more than just the Cunningham Memorial Library.

American Libraries of Indiana (ALI)

Borrowers Program

ALI Institution Member Information

ISU Students, Faculty, and Staff

Who Wish to Borrow from an ALI Library

  1. You must be currently employed or enrolled at Indiana State University and be in good standing at the library in order to be eligible for ALI borrowing privileges.
  2. Status will be verified.
  3. A complete list of ALI libraries is available at
  4. Come to the Library Information Services desk of the ISU Library at least one business (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM) day before your visit to another library in order to apply for and receive your ALI card.
  5. Students: The expiration date on your ALI card will be the last day of classes for the current semester. Faculty and staff: The expiration date on your card will be the same as the expiration date on your employment contract or June 30 of the current year, whichever comes first.
  6. Make sure you understand and accept the ALI Borrower's Responsibilities (see below).
  7. If you wish to return your borrowed items via interlibrary loan courier service, please notify Library Information Services staff of this when returning the item. Explain that it is an ALI return. You will be responsible for any fees for items returned this way as we cannot guarantee the safe return of ALI borrowed items left at the Library Information Services desk or in the library. You are ultimately responsible for the return of ALI materials.

ALI Borrower Responsibilities

ALI Borrowers Responsibilities

  1. Present the ALI borrower's card and other ID requested by the lending library for each visit.
  2. Observe the rules and regulations of the lending library.
  3. Return materials safely and in a timely manner. Return of materials via the home library interlibrary loan service may be possible, but borrowers are responsible for any charges if they occur.
  4. Pay all fees, fines and other financial obligations incurred.
  5. Return recalled materials immediately in person or by priority or express mail.
  6. Supply your accurate mailing address and keep it current.

ALI Members Borrowing From ISU

Students, Faculty and Staff From Participating ALI Institutions

Who Wish to Borrow from ISU

  1. Apply at your home campus library for your ALI card.
  2. Before you visit, check the library hours. Read our loan period information to find out what you can borrow and for how long. Check the LUIS online catalog to make sure that what you wish to borrow is in our circulating collection and not already checked out. (Even if an item is not checked out, there is no guarantee it will be on the shelf when you arrive.)
  3. Present your ALI borrower's card and a photo ID with your current address to the ISU Library Information Services desk at least one hour before closing. Staff will enter your record into our local circulation system and issue you an ISU borrowers card with our campus barcode.
  4. Whenever you wish to check out materials, present your ISU borrower's card along with your ALI borrowing card at the Library Information Services desk along with your items.