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HIST 600: Historical Method & Theory: Home

Need to Know

This libguide provides an introduction to several areas of historiography, historical research and metholdology.  Use the TABS at the top of the site to click on information about a particular area or subject.  Selected resources have been curated for this libguide; there are additional resources available in the library and on the web. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Can't get full-text access to a book or article? ISU faculty, staff and students (Local or Distance) can request items through ILL. You'll need to create an account to use the service. It may take 7-10 days to receive items you request. Links are below for your convenience; you can also access the service on the Library's homepage

iSU Code of Ethics

"Academic integrity is a cornerstone of the University’s commitment to the principles of free inquiry; students are responsible for learning and upholding professional standards in research, writing, assessment, and ethics. In the academic community the high value of honesty mandates a corresponding intolerance of dishonesty. Written or other work which students submit must be the product of their own efforts and must be consistent with appropriate standards of professional ethics." from ISU Code of Student Conduct

Best Practices for Avoiding Plaigerism

Important Library Services Updates


  • Bakerman Student Research Award recognizes excellence in course-submitted research papers that both incorporate extraordinary skill & creativity in the utilization of the services, resources, and collections of the ISU Library and demonstrate the use of information literacy research skills. Winning undergraduate and graduate papers will incorporate research and analytical skills in developing a research strategy, locating and using appropriate resources, citing sources in the proper format, and developing a substantive paper using resources available through the ISU Library. MORE


  • If you are looking for IRB resources for the ethical review of human subjects research, the FCTE has 5 recorded sessions to help you. These sessions cover an introduction to the IRB, what constitutes “research” under the federal definition, recruiting, data security, and collaborative research. To find these resources, look in your Canvas account (ORG-FCTE) in your published courses (FCTE Recorded Sessions).


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