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.SOURCES: Newspapers/Magazines

Explains characteristics of different types of sources of information

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"It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper." Jerry Seinfeld


Regret the Error

Blog which lists known errors in news reports. Also on Facebook.

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Newspapers - Newspapers can tell you what the general public knows about a topic. They also will occasionally report new or interesting health information.

"Researchers at Indiana State University published a report in the American Journal of Nursing that found..."

You can track down the original article yourself given clues from the newspaper article. Does it say who the researchers are? They probably authored the paper. Does it say which institution is doing the research? Does it mention what publication published the original research? You can use our library resources to search for that author, institution, and publication.


Popular magazines are written for the public. Because they have such a big audience, they can make a lot of money, which makes subscription costs lower. Issues often include glossy photos and eye-catching advertisements. They may have interesting titles like National Geographic or Scientific American. Articles may be written by non-specialists who may or may not understand the subject matter well. Article topics are chosen to entertain and increase readership. Articles may cover research done but are usually reports about research publications located in scholarly journals or interviews with the researcher. The articles are understandable by the non-specialist and can therefore be a valuable method to inform non-specialists.

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