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.SOURCES: Govt Docs

Explains characteristics of different types of sources of information

Government Documents Service

Assistance in using the collections of the Government Documents Unit of Library Information Services is provided through the Reference Desk--one of the Reference Librarians is the Government Documents Specialist.

About Government Documents

This section lists a variety of electronic resources for the United States government, as well as state and local level governments. International organizations are also covered. The ISU Library is a federal government depository, receiving approx. 52% of the materials available from the GPO (Government Printing Office). The ISU Online Catalog lists US government documents added since 1976, but the print collection goes back much farther, and is searchable via print indexes. Increasingly electronic publication of federal government documents (plus those issued by this state and by the United Nations) is the norm. The Online Catalog records may link you to a print, microform and/or electronic full-text (usually a PDF) document.

Government Documents Collections

The Library has been a selective FDLP depository for United States Government documents since 1906. It has been a depository for documents of the state of Indiana since 1974, but does not contain documents from other states. The Documents Unit also subscribes to the publications of the United Nations and of these UN related agencies: Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, and World Health Organization. Other than these the ISU Documents collections do not include publications of international non-government organizations (NGOs), nor do they include documents of foreign governments.

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