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Comm 101 - Informative and Persuasive Speeches: Home

Resources designed to support the Comm 101 research requirements Information and Persuasive Speeches and Group Presentations. Library online and print resources and reliable Internet sources are included

Getting Organized Links

Assignment Calculator

Help with a timeline. Geared for the sorts of research papers done in a freshman comp class but any timeline can be helpful! Pair this with the Library Research Planner and the How Do I Choose a Research Topic?

How Do I Pick a Research Topic?

Links to a page originally created for freshman composition. Suggests databases and web sites especially handy for consulting when you're not sure what you want to write about.


Getting Organized: Library Research Planner

Upload this Word document. Fill out the basic requirements for the project and then you can keep track of what you find where, terms that were useful [or not], etc. Think of it as a sort of 'research process' journal. If you have trouble with your research, you can show your librarian or instructor what you've done so far.

Library Research Planner {February 2019 version}

Research Orientation Sessions

Please contact the librarian to schedule an instructional session for your section/s. 

Comm 101: Introduction to Speech Communication


Three of the assignments for Comm 101 require students to do research; i.e., to find, use, and cite articles or books. This is an opportunity to find out how much material is available to you from the Indiana State University Library. For many Comm 101 students, this is the first time you will be required to use library-based materials. If you are new to the process, you can save yourself a lot of time by taking a look at the Library Basics LibGuide. Here are some tips specific to Comm 101 assignments and using our resources:

1. Look for articles first, via our Electronic Resources link. Design your search to look for your words and phrases in the TITLES of the magazine, journal, newspaper articles. Note how to limit by Date if that is important to your topic; many databases now provide decades of information. Some even go back to the 19th century!

2. Search in at least one general/all topic database and then try to find a more subject-specific database. Consult with your librarian to save time.

3. Look for an online or print reference source, such as an encyclopedia or handbook.

4. Look for a book. You don't need to read an entire book in order to use it; find a chapter, make some notes, and remember to get the information you will need to cite the source!


Student Speeches on Video

Not surprisingly, places like YouTube contain many examples of different types of speeches. Do a Google Video or YouTube search with phrases such as 'chronological informative speech example'.


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