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Introduction to Terrorism: Start Here

Writing/Citation Information

The Writing Center is available to offer assistance with your writing. "The Indiana State University Writing Center strives to help students become strong, independent learners through a variety of programs and services. We are here to help students of all backgrounds at any stage of the learning process on any reading or writing project."


InterLibrary Loan

Use inter-library loan (ILL) to obtain materials ISU does not own.  ILL is a free service for faculty, students and staff and can be used to request books, articles, or other materials for academic work.  If you need to use ILL, PLAN AHEAD.  It takes time to locate and obtain the materials from other libraries.

In Our Library

Librarian for Criminology and Security Studies

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Karen Evans
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Look at the database section of the library, either the A-Z list of databases or the Subject list of databases for a complete list of available databases.  Consider your topic(s) when deciding which databases to use; you may want to use different subject databases to find pertinent information on your topic(s).

Library Catalog

Library catalogs provide the ability to search by keyword, author, or title.  When you view the results of your catalog searches, make sure to look at the Contents and/or Summary for each item.  They can provide detailed information on the resource and help you decide if the item is pertinent to your research.

Keyword Search:

Type one or more words from the title, author, or subject into a search bar. Examples: Title: Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research.

Author Search:

Type all or part of the author's name (last name, first).  Examples: Douglas, J or Douglas, John


Type as much of the title as possible, starting with the first word.  If you do not know the title, use a keyword search. Example: sage and terrorism.

Quotation Marks:

Using quotation marks around a phrase tells the library catalog to search the term as typed into the search box. Example: "suicide bombers"---tells the catalog to search for the two words together.


You can use an asterisk (*) in place of characters in a word. Using "?" replaces a single letter in the word.  Examples: terror* will return words with terrorism, terrorist, etc... .   

Using wom?n returns search results with women or woman.

Boolean Operators:

Using Boolean Operators gives you the ability to focus your search using "and" "or" or "and not." Using "and" connects your search terms, using "or" means you are searching for either term, and "and not" means you do not want results with that term.  Examples: terrorism and Israel, death penalty OR capital punishment, terrorism "and not" Israel.