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Library Assessment: @ ISU

Guidelines to create and manage a library assessment plan

ISU Public Services Department Assessment Outcomes 2019

Public Services Assessment Outcomes 2019

  1. Students will be able to select information resources that are best suited to their information needs.
  2. Students will develop strategies to evaluate information for bias, accuracy, timeliness, relevancy and expertise of the author and information source.
  3. Students will be able to explain the ethical use of information, particularly as it relates to ISU students.
  4. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the components of citations frequently used in their field of study. [author, journal title, edited volume, volume number, issue, DOI, URL...]
  5. Students will be able to articulate the relationship between citations and scholarly communication.

Approved by the Public Services Dept faculty on May 31, 2019

Assessment at the ISU Library

The Cunningham Memorial Library at Indiana State University has formed a Library Assessment Committee to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a culture of assessment within the library.

Library Assessment Committee Membership

  • Shelley Arvin, Chair & Representative to the University Assessment Council

ISU Assessment Council

The mission of the ISU Assessment Council is to guide and support ongoing institutional assessment activities that promote and support continuous improvement of programs across the university.  The Council is charged with identifying assessment issues, developing policy recommendations, facilitating assessment activities, and promoting the adoption of best practices in assessment.

ISU Assessment Responsibilities

Academic programs and co-curricular units must submit a report on assessment and student success efforts to the Assessment Coordinator by October 15 each year. 

ISU Assessment History

ISU assessment deadlines as of December 14, 2014:

  • All programs (undergraduate and graduate) should have had assessment plans in place by May 2011.
  • All programs should have implemented assessment plans in 2011-2012.
    • This phase involved, at a minimum,
      • collecting data for at least one standard/objective/outcome, and
      • entering findings into TaskStream.
  • All programs should have completed one assessment cycle by May 1, 2013.
    • This phase involved, at a minimum:
      • analyzing data collected in 2011-2012 or Fall 2012, engaging in departmental discussions concerning the findings, and identifying any needed improvements to the academic program based on the assessment evidence; and
      • entering evidence and action plans into TaskStream.
  • Additionally, during 2012-2013, all programs were to collect data on a second set of standards/objectives/outcomes.
  • Indiana State University submitted a report to NCA (now HLC) by December 2013 which included evidence of at least one year of data collection, analysis and anticipated use of results for all undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • During 2013-2014 and all fiscal years following, all programs were to collect data on further sets of standards/objectives/outcomes.

Status of assessment in all programs are reported to the Provost, the Board of Trustees, and the Higher Learning Commission by the Assessment Council.

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