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Charles Mayer Collection: Charles S. Mayer Gift

Collection Explanation

Former Art Faculty Member Charles S. Mayer donated his collection of nearly 5000 titles to the Cunningham Memorial Library.

Education:  Ph.D. in Art History, Columbia University.
B.A. Tufts University.

Dr. Charles S Mayer's primary research area has been the theatrical designs of the Ballets Russes and their impact on changing aesthetics in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Dr. Mayer has also monitored the changing role of the modern artist in society, investigating how sociocultural changes within the past two hundred years have affected the place of the artist in the contemporary culture

Charles S. Mayer Gift - Fusion Records

Searching for Items in the Mayer Gift

Almost every bibliographic record for an item in the Charles Mayer gift includes the phrase "Gift of Charles S. Mayer" in it's Note field.

  • To find a Mayer item focused on an artist or a particular topic, perform a keyword search that includes the artist's name (last is usually sufficient) or the topic word or words and the search phrase "Gift of Charles S. Mayer".   Make sure you use quotation marks around the phrase to ensure it conducts a phrase search.  

  • If interested in the research of Charles S. Mayer, search the Fusion Plus catalog for "Mayer, Charles S." as a phrase.

  • Caveat: do not search for "Charles S. Mayer" as a keyword.  The Note in the gift field makes it difficult to search for information about him.  To combat this, search for Mayer as an author, then use the Charles Mayer subject headings to locate materials.  

  • So, to find all the Renoir materials at Cunningham Library that were a part of the Mayer gift, perform this Fusion/Fusion Plus keyword search:

  • renoir  AND  "Gift of Charles S. Mayer"
  • To find all the exhibition catalogs on Impressionism in the Charles Mayer gift, perform this Fusion/Fusion Plus keyword search:

    impressionism AND exhibition* AND "Gift of Charles S. Mayer"
  • To find all the exhibition catalogs of Impressionism at Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Mayer Gift, perform this Fusion/Fusion Plus keyword search:
    impressionism AND metropolitan AND exhibition* AND "Gift of Charles S. Mayer"

  Fusion & Fusion +

Use the Fusion Plus catalog as your first option for locating books, scores, microfilms, journal titles (but NOT articles), sound recordings, and videos owned by Indiana State University, as well as Web-based resources that are accessible via the catalog (electronic books and journals, databases).