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Biomedical Ethics: Home

Support for ATTR 413 course [usually online course]

Biomedical Ethics: course research requirements

This course introduces the student to theories related to philosophy and ethics in order to analyze the issues that confront patients, families, and the interprofessional healthcare team. Issues include but are not limited to advancing technology, professional roles, end-of-life care, social justice, and public policy. 

This course is designed to engage students from several different professional disciplines including pre-medicine, applied medicine, nursing, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and healthcare administration. This course will examine issues related to professional ethics, patient’s rights, role boundaries, technology advances, initiation of life, prolonging life, research involving human subjects, and the struggle to balance healthcare resources with social justice and individual social responsibility.

Biomedical Ethics: Foundational Studies Research Components

Foundational Studies Outcomes

Course Integration

1. Locate, critically read, and evaluate information to solve problems;

1. Students will search for information related to their formal paper, discussion posts and  case study analysis.

9. Express themselves effectively, professionally, and persuasively both orally and in writing.

9. Students will increase their mastery of  communication through case study analysis, discussion boards, and their formal paper


2. Students will search and select recent quality articles to support their discussion posts, case study analysis and formal paper.

3. Developmental writing assignment of the Position Paper in either APA or AMA style.

4. Problem-based case study analysis will require students to apply ethical principles and decision making


Biomedical Ethics - Selected Journal Articles

A list of full-text journals available at ISU. List includes locations in our various databases with clickable links. 

DOWNLOAD EndNote Citation Management Softward

To find AMA Style in the EndNote software, the AMA Style is under JAMA.ens

EndNote Tutorials

Bibliography: Information seeking in the Health Sciences

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While the majority of students think that their research skills are good or excellent, many of them are unable to conduct advanced information searches, judge the trustworthiness of health-related websites and articles, and differentiate between various information sources. Students’ self-reports may not be an accurate predictor of their actual health information competencies. [Ivanitskaya]

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