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Legal Research: Home

Research techniques and Library and Internet resources based on an undergraduate legal research course (at ISU: Political Science 211)

Legal Research: Introduction

Legal research can be broken down into three basic areas: 1) You wish to research a legal subject; 2) you have a case citation and want to find the case summary ; 3) you have the case summary but now you want to shepardize it; i.e., find out what other cases have cited this case. In each research area, you may find yourself using a combination of both print and online resources, and you may find yourself in the Reference collection, regular collection and Government Documents collection. Legal research is still difficult and time-consuming, even though electronic access has greatly improved the ease with which you can become involved in the process. The materials here are geared specifically for the user of the Indiana State University Library; if you use other libraries, you may find different combinations of print and online resources. If you need assistance, please visit the Reference Desk [1st floor]

Major Legal Databases

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Marsha Miller

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