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Library Basics: Library of Congress Classification Outline

Learn the basics of searching the library, what the Library of Congress Classifications are and where to find them in our library

LOC Classification Outline

Library of Congress Classifications

Library of Congress Classifications A-J

A   General works, almanacs, encyclopedias, indexes, yearbooks

B   Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B-BD  Philosophy

BF-BJ  Psychology

BL-BX  Religion

C   History, archeology, heraldry, genealogy, biography

D   History (except the Americas)

E   General Histories of the Americas and the United States

F   State and local histories of the U.S.; individual countries of the Americas

G   Geography, Anthropology, Sports

G-GN  Geography, anthropology

GR-GT  Folklore, manners, customs

GV  Sports, amusements, games

H   Social Sciences

HA  Statistics

HB  Economics

HG  Finance

HM  Sociology

J   Political Science

JK  United States

JS  Local government

JX  International law

Library of Congress Classifications K-P

K   Law

KF  United States law

KFA-KFW  Law of individual states

L   Education

LA  History of education

LB  Theory & practice of education

M   Music

ML  Literature of music

MT  Music instruction & study

N   Fine Arts

NA  Architecture

NB  Sculpture

NC  Graphic arts

ND  Painting

P   Language and Literature

PA  Classical language & literature

PB-PH  Modern European languages

PN  Literary history & collections, performing arts

PQ  Romance literature

PR  English literature

PS  American literature

Library of Congress Classifications Q-Z

Q   Science

QA  Mathematics

QC  Physics

QD  Chemistry

QE  Geology

QL  Zoology

R   Medicine

RC  Internal medicine

RD  Surgery

RT  Nursing

S   Agriculture

T   Technology

TD  Environmental engineering

TJ  Mechanical engineering

TL  Motor vehicles, aeronautics & astronautics

TR  Photography

TX  Home economics

U   Military science

V   Naval science

Z   Bibliography & library science