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Hunger: Country Information

Primary support target: World Hunger and Nutrition course

  About Country Snapshots

Some sources provide a quick overview of a country or region's political, economic, social, and cultural systems. Many of these sources are government, international or nongovernmental organizations.

If you are searching for a specific type of country information (economic, political, health, etc.), remember to also try searching the Country Snapshot Sources, which contain a variety of information.

  Country Snapshot Sources

US State Department "Background Notes": As of May 2012, the Background Notes are in the process of being replaced by fact sheets that focus on U.S. relations with each country. The link to each document from anywhere on or on any other site, as a bookmark, etc.,  will remain the same, whether it appears as Background Note or when it is replaced by a Fact Sheet.

Country Information: Start here

Political Risk Yearbook - several volumes - most recent Library has is 2004, so info would need to be updated by other sources see

  • REF. JQ 1871 .P64 Sub-saharan Africa
  • REF. JQ 21 .A1 P64 Central & South Asia
  • REF. JN 12 .P646 East Europe
  • REF. JN 12 .P645 West Europe

Additional Country Information Sources