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Gender Studies: Home

A guide to support ISU's GNDR [was WS] 200 'Introduction to Gender Studies', and related classes. Coverage for on-campus and online students included.

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 Courses in Gender Studies:

Gender Studies required courses

  • GNDR 200 Intro to Gender Studies
  • GNDR 301 Gender, Race, and Nation
  • GNDR 400 Gender and Theory/GH 301 Gender & Theory

Gender Studies elective courses

  • AFRI 323  Afri Am Hist 1890-Present
  • COUN 425  Career Development for Women
  • ENG 339  Women’s Literature
  • ENG 346  Modern Black American Lit
  • HIST 334  Afri American History 1890-Present
  • PSCI 107  Leadership, Ethics & Democracy
  • PSY 100  Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • PSY 338  Psychology of Women
  • PSY 485  Psychology & Society:  Gender & Sexuality
  • SOC 110 US Global Diversity: Soc Perspective
  • SOC 302 Work, Employment, Society
  • SOC 443  Gender Stratification/GH 301 Gender Stratification
  • SOWK 270  Ethno-Cultural Issues

Women's Studies at ISU

Gender Studies [previously Women's Studies] at ISU is part of Interdisciplinary Programs. Until 2009 it was a stand-alone minor and continues to attract students to its Minor with IP. You can find out about the program here.

Distance Learner Support

In addition to its services for on-campus students, students taking online courses have some special services.

The Writing Center offers Distance Learning email  and telephone consultations regarding writing projects.   However, our goal is not to simply copy-edit or assist students with a single paper. Instead, we will work with students throughout their time at ISU, so that students graduate as better writers and researchers. Check this site for support details including submission deadlines.

Researching and Writing

From a recent WS 200 Syllabus: Your statements and assertions must be supported by evidence, using published materials from scholarly sources (" Wikipedia" is not a scholarly source, but it could be used as a search tool to find more appropriate sources). When using sources to support your writing, you must provide appropriate citation of others' words and ideas.

So, how do you accomplish this? First, you need to know where you can search, then figure out how to search, then look for special features of the specific database or vendor/publisher that can help make your searches better/more efficient and help you manage the results [store in folders for future retrieval, export to citation manager, set up Alerts, etc.].

Suggestions from Your Librarian:

OFF-CAMPUS ACCESS: all databases listed are available to distance learners. Clicking on your first link of the day should take you to a verification page - enter your ISU id and password to continue.

SHORTCUT: on your own computer, set up a Favorites folder for ISU Library Resources. Then, right-click on the links below to add to the folder. Don't try to add to Favorites after you have entered the database; those links tend not to work because you have to go thru our proxy server's link to the database [a seamless/invisible process normally].

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