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Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness: Home

This site supports a theme that is used in several courses, including Political Science 107

About This LibGuide: Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness

Students in several Indiana State University courses, but especially Political Science 107 {Leadership, Ethics & Democracy} often use this LibGuide to support different research projects. Over time, the requirements have changed, as reflected by the materials listed under the Library Lesson Plan tab. 

This Guide is large and you might find it hard to maneuver. Remember to use the "search" this Guide for keywords. Also, if you use the Print option, you can print individual pages.

A Place at the Table - Released March 1, 2013 - Hunger in America

Marsha Miller

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Marsha Miller

I am semi-retired and working mostly behind-the-scenes on various projects.

I will not have office hours but you are welcome to email me.

The Subjects listed below have been taken over by other Research and Instruction Librarians. Please consult the list of Subject Specialists for updated listings. The list will show up until I am fully retired and complete transfer of all LibGuide elements has taken place.

812.237.2606 [be prepared to leave clear, succinct voicemail]

Library, Research and Instruction (Public Services), room 106
Subjects: Science